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Full Plate Farm Collective Celebrating 15th Year

Full Plate Farm Collective

n 2005, Remembrance Farm, Stick and Stone Farm and Three Swallows Farm came together with a shared vision for building community, farming with integrity, and growing high quality food with fair prices for all involved. The product of this collaboration is the Full Plate Farm Collective, a multi-farm organic CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) that has been serving the Ithaca, Trumansburg and Danby communities for 15 years.

Ithaca’s Youth Entrepreneurship Market (YEM)

Ithaca's Youth Entrepreneurship Market

During the summer of 2016, Isabella and Amila Mazza created their most successful lemonade stand of their young entrepreneurial careers. From their success they were anxious to explore how they could expand their lemonade stand to new markets in the

The Metal Smithery

Elaan Greenfield in The Metal Smithery

For Ithaca native Elaan Greenfield, making jewelry was once a hobby – her first studio was a $15 desk from a thrift shop – and is now a more than full-time endeavor. Aside from designing and making jewelry for sale,

Buffalo St. Books

Buffalo Street Books is one of the only community-owned, cooperative bookstores in the country. When the prospect of losing our only general interest new bookstore in downtown came to the community’s attention in early 2011 the people rallied to save

Ithaca Children’s Garden

The Ithaca Children’s Garden (ICG) is one of a kind; you won’t find another place like it anywhere on earth. Come see for yourself! This unique 3-acre public garden, designed by and for kids from the Ithaca community, is free