The Ithaca Children’s Garden (ICG) is one of a kind; you won’t find another place like it anywhere on earth. Come see for yourself!

This unique 3-acre public garden, designed by and for kids from the Ithaca community, is free and open to the public, dawn to dusk, 365 days a year. Welcoming all is Gaia, the extraordinary turtle. She symbolizes our connection to the earth, this unique place, and Ithaca’s First People.  Yet Gaia is just the beginning of what there is to explore. Come walk the 3-season bulb labyrinth, nibble from the edible garden or play in the unbelievable Hands-on-Nature Anarchy Zone.

Innovative, research-based education for sustainability is vibrantly woven through all ICG programs:  summer camps, school breaks, after school and pre-school programs, seasonal workshops, family programs and special events such as International Mud Day, Scarecrow Jubilee, Fire & Ice Festival and Ithaca’s first obstacle course, the Tough Turtle.

Permaculture, play-work and child-directed learning are cornerstones of the Ithaca Children’s Garden approach, along with a commitment to an inclusive environment that values and respects diversity of culture and identity.
Local collaborations, such as the ICG-GreenStar Partnership for Healthy Kids, maximizes service to this community. ICG has been honoring the whole child and fostering environmental stewardship since 1999. Ithaca Children’s Garden is just south of Cass Park on Rt. 89. It’s your garden. Enjoy it!