Membership – Not-for-Profit Community Organization


If you are a not-for-profit or community organization located in Ithaca, you can join Local First Ithaca for our special discounted rate!


Not-for-profit Membership Benefits

  • Listing in LFI directory and website
  • Year-round, on-going promotion of your business, including:
    • Social media program
    • Member highlight on website
    • Retail kit
    • Media promotion and exposure
    • Opportunity to be in our Guide to Being Local
    • Access to BALLE network events and resources
    • Seasonal campaigns, including Local Lover Challenge
    • Public Policy Advocacy promoting the interest of local independent businesses, services and farmers.

Member-to-Member Benefits

  • Discounts and group purchasing
  • Share ideas and resources
  • Partner/Collaborate with other members
  • Member events
  • Participation with other community organizations and events

Criteria for not-for-profit membership

  1. Is your organization based locally, with a majority of the owners living in the Ithaca area?
  2. Can you make independent decisions about the name and look of your organization, your products, and your purchasing and distribution?
  3. Do you pay your own marketing, rent, and other business expenses?
  4. Are you a not-for-profit or community organization?

If you answered YES! to the above 4 questions, you are ready to join!